What is Human Cook & Train?

Lanzarote |  6 – 10  November 2019

Human Cook and Train is an intensive experience of just 5 days to be held in Lanzarote (an escape from your day to day, stress, little time for you, fast and bad eating …) where we will discover what it is like to return to be human again. Surely you remember, because it is very similar to how you felt in your childhood, but with all the knowledge of age, jump again, run, touch the earth again, without fear of getting dirty and rediscover yourself.

Definitely have fun like when you were a child, learn and share with the best, about health, diet and healthy training, know the way to your lost Human.

This ‘retreat’ includes:

Know everything we are going to learn in the Planning HCT.

After this Human Cook & Train, you will not be the same person again, because you will have the necessary tools to advance according to our origins.

** If you do not want accommodation, but do not want to miss everything else, we have an offer for you here too.

Only 40 places available!

People willing to experiment, relearn, try, cook for others, study to acquire culture, conscience and decisive decision making in the model of life we want to lead.

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