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LANZAROTE location

20 -24 June 2018

Movement, training, food, cooking, active leisure, rest, coexistence and study.

It’s not a retreat, it’s not a bootcamp, it’s not a course, it’s not a detox, it’s a vacation but it’s not … it’s nothing like that, it’s everything and much more.

To return to feel human, we do not need to return to the Paleolithic, we do not need to go hunting, no need to eat with your fingers … but if you need to dispose to return to recover basic stimuli that our genes have long been missing: wake up with the sun, move before eating, eat native food, learn, play, fight, hang, run … test yourself, jump your fears and position your limits further …

human cook

Only 40 places available!

People willing to experiment, relearn, try, cook for others, study to acquire culture, conscience and decisive decision making in the model of life we want to lead.